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The Sweetheart Slow Juicer is the ideal assistant when preparing your favorite smoothie bowl. Start the day with an appetizing blast of vitamins, or prepare a delicious and nutritious thirst-quencher in no time using a Klarstein juicer or blender – 100% natural, 100% healthy. Let us inspire you!

Sweetheart juicer

With the Sweetheart juicer, you can compose juice mixes to suit your unique taste. Thanks to the low rotational speed of 32 RPM, fruits are not heated during pressing. This means that the juice retains its valuable vitamins.

  • Vertical juicer with 150 watts of power
  • Thanks to fine stainless steel sieve, no seeds in the juice
  • Screw press unit automatically feeds fruit pieces
  • Elegant design and small footprint
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Pineapple orange yoghurt

Serves 1

  1. Peel ¼ pineapple, remove the stem and cut into cubes
  2. Peel and quarter 1 orange
  3. Add pineapple and orange to the juicer
  4. Add 125 g of yoghurt to a glass
  5. Slowly pour pineapple-orange juice mixture onto yoghurt
  6. Garnish with strawberries

Smoothie bowls with our Herakles mixer

Smoothie bowls are the next step in delicious. A welcome contrast to regular smoothies, they are a delicious mixtures of yoghurt, fruits and grains you eat with a spoon - and which taste twice as good with fresh berries or other superfood toppings! Your imagination knows no limits, since the ingredients don’t have to be smooth enough to drink. We've put together some recipe ideas for you here. It's hard to start a day healthier or with more variety!

Raspberry smoothie bowl

Serves 1

  1. Soak a handful of chia seeds in 100 ml of pomegranate juice
  2. Add 1 banana, 100 g pineapple, 50 g spinach, 125 g raspberries, and 1 tbsp. honey to the blender
  3. Mix thoroughly
  4. Now add chia seed-pomegranate juice mixture to the blender and mix at low speed
  5. Pour creamy contents into a bowl and sprinkle with 25 g of coconut flakes
  6. Garnish you Smoothie Bowl with raspberries


Serves 1

  1. Add frozen banana pieces to the blender, followed by 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream and a handful of blueberries
  2. Mix the ingredients thoroughly
  3. Spoon Nicecream into a bowl and decorate with banana bits, raspberries, blueberries and Oreo cookies
  4. Voilà, your delicious Oreo-Vanilla bowl!
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