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French fries and potato chips are delicious – and don't have to be unhealthy. Prepared correctly, fun foods can also be part of a sensible diet. There's no better way than the VitAir Air Fryer to pass on healthy eating habits to the next generation while enjoying crispy French fries with radically reduced fat. Vegetable chips are a wholesome alternative to supermarket snacks and quick and easy to make with the VitAir.

VitAir: Modern design, innovative technology

Frying without unnecessary fat – the VitAir Air Fryer isn’t science fiction! Thanks to its revolutionary design and modern ventilation technology, cooking with the VitAir guarantees even heat distribution. Air is heated to the desired temperature and recirculated in the cooking vessel.

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  • Multi-purpose: frying, baking, cooking, grilling and roasting
  • Low-calorie: thanks to hot air and reduced oil cooking
  • Even heating: with halogen infrared heating element


  • Grill grate
  • Tongs
  • 3D grill cage
  • Grill spit
  • Round pan

VitAir Fryer: healthy & delicious


Sweet potato fries

2 Servings

  • Peel 2 sweet potatoes
  • Cut into strips and soak in cold water for one hour
  • Drain potato strips and powder with about 3 tbsp. of starch
  • Coat fries in a bit of oil and place in the VitAir frying cage
  • Fry until crispy using the French fry setting

VitAir Air Fryer – The multi-talent for healthy eating

Prepared right, French fries, pizza and potato chips can be part of a health-conscious diet. With a VitAir Air Fryer, you can reduce fat and enjoy healthier frying, baking, grilling and roasting.

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